The Commonwealth/Nietzschean War was the most brutal conflict next to the Battle of Witch head when the first Commonwealth fell.


When the Battle of Tarazed was over and the Abyss defeated some of the Nietzschean Prides returned to the Commonwealth's side unlike the Kenja, Dragans, and a few others still think the Commonwealth should of stayed Dead along with Captain now Vice Admiral Hunt 300 years ago at the battle of Hephaistos, and not survived inside the black hole like it did.


Several Battles were fought between the Commonwealth/Nietzschean Fleets and some were brutal and bloody, cost alot of lives and some ships were ordered to ram the Nietzschean cruisers to weaken the Nietzscheans for the final battle.


The Commonwealth Fleet led by the Andromeda Ascendant under the Command of Vice Admiral Dylan Hunt took the Nietzschean/Kaldaren forces to their limits till the final battle was won with the defeat of the Drago-Kazov Pride leader when he and John Tyson fought on the planet surface of San-Ka-Re when he and a team of Lancers and Nietzschean Warriors assaulted the Outpost to end the war. and a cease-fire was signed.


  • 100 High Guard Warships
  • 2,000 personal on each ship
  • 30,251,369 civilans and colonists
  • 369 Nietzschean warriors
  • Unknown Kaldern wounded or killed