Pax Magellanic
Class/Type: Glorious Heritage
Registry Designation: Serial No. XMC-1-913
Current Status: Destroyed
Fighter Complement: Slip fighters
Crew Manifest
Commanding Officer (Captain): Warrick

Jill Pearce (current/final)

Ships Systems
Drive Systems
Sub-Light Engines: Navigational Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: Slipstream Core
Offensive Systems
Kenetic Projectile Weapons: Smart Bullets
Missle Systems: Smart Missiles
Particle Beam Weapons: AP Cannons

Point Defense Lasers

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nova Bombs
Defensive Systems
Countermeasures: Combat drones
Basic Defense Systems: High tension armor
Special Defense Systems: Battle blades
Political & Chronological Information
Affiliation/Alligences: Systems Commonwealth
Ships Navy/Fleet: High Guard

The Pax Magellanic is a Glorious Heritage class vessel. It's serial number is XMC-1-913, and she was constructed in the Newport News Orbital Shipyards above earth. Captain Warrick, and then Lieutenant Jill Pearce were its commanders. The first of its line, her sisters consider her to be the eldest of them all. Originally, her Ships nickname and her avatars nickname was Maggie, but she was later called Jill.


During her long years of service, Magellanic had saved Princess Sukarhit from a Magog attack on her first mission and received honours from both the Vedran Empress and the Triumvirs.

During the Nietzschean Uprising, the Magellanic was dispatched to the Herotodus system to reinforce and assist General Sky Falls in Thunder. Warrick and his Lancers went down to the planet but were overwhelmed. To avoid the Magellanic's capture, he ordered her to self-destruct. However, couldn't believe this coming from one she loved, seeing it as a betrayal, she ejected her slipstream core, incinerating the planet and everyone on it. The resulting blast made her incapable of FTL travel and isolated her in the system, as well as creating a huge debris field. The AI then made android copies of some of the original crew, and then used the ship's medical logs to recreate them in order to fend off loneliness.

After 300 years, the Andromeda Ascendant arrived in the system and Captain Hunt and his crew try to salvage the ship so that his cause to resurrect the Systems Commonwealth would have another powerful warship to help with the effort. However, after the crew discovered Jill's secret and, the Magellanic began attacking them with her androids and they fled the ship. The Magellanic then started to fire on Andromeda, and when the Andromeda returned fire, Jill intentionally lowered her AP cannons and her other defenses so that she would be inadvertently destroyed by her sister ship.