)| ships name =Forward Unto Dawn | aka =Seeing Eye | image =Andromeda 14 by Hatvok | class =Glorious Heritage class (Type III) | registry =XMC-03256-1126 | length =4800m | beam =1200m | draft =980m | deck =54 Habitable Decks

  • 24 Uninhabitable Decks
  • 10 Main Sections
  • 20 cargo holds
  • 5 large docking bays

| laid =ACY 1060 | commissioned =ACY 1078 | decomm = | launch =ACY 1096 | motto = | active =6 | status =Active | yard =Celestial Dawn Orbital Shipyards, Earth | mass =107,808,276kg | handling = | manufacturer =New Systems Commonwealth | modifier = | fighter = 45 Slipfighters | mech = | crew =4600 living crew

  • 120 Command
  • 4580 Offficers

| skeleton =3 to 5 Living 4800 Automated | passenger =2400 with full living crew | co=Commodore Jason Tyson | xo=Commander Samantha Wilson

Forward Unto Dawn is the 53rd Glorius Heritage Class Warship built by the New Systems Commonwealth and is under the Command of Commodore Jason Tyson Father of John and James Tyson and the Husband of Vice Admiral Maria Tyson.


ACY:2320 The Glorius Hertiage class Warship Forward unto Dawn was built in the Celestial Orbital Shipyards above Tarazed and new weapons and defense systems were installed into her systems, the Shipyard was attacked by a Nietszchean strike force that tried to put the Glorius Heritage Class ships on the endangered list of High Guard vessels But the AI used the internal defense systems to take them out.

Service HistoryEdit

Commonwealth-Nietzschean WarEdit

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