Crimson Sunrise
Aliases/Other Names: No nickname
Class/Type: Glorious Heritage
Registry Designation: Unknown
Length: 4300m
Beam: 1000m
Draft: 950m
Decks/Sections: 50 Inhabitable Decks
13 Uninhabitable Decks
Inertial Mass: 96,408,876kg
Cargo Handling Systems: Manual Control
AI control
Laid: CY 9768
Commissioned: 12th day of Kalends, CY 9772,
Launched: C.Y. 9772
Current Status: Active
Ships Manufacturer: Systems Commonwealth
Newport News Orbital Shipyards (Located above Earth)
Ships Systems Modifier: Various upgrades by Systems Commonwealth allied shipyards at intervals of several years to preform major structural repairs and reinforcements, and update small hardware and software
Construction Yard: Xinti Orbital
Fighter Complement: Slip fighters
Heavy Mech Armor Complement: 4,000 GUA Units (Presumably)
2 Planetfall Defense (OEBots)
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 4500 living crew
10 cargo holds
4 large docking bays
About 36 slipfighters
12 drones
Skeleton Crew: 6 living
Hundreds of androids
Passenger Capasity: 2300 with full living crew
Ships Systems
Drive Systems
Power Systems: AP Fusion Generator
Sub-Light Engines: Navigational Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: Gravity Field Generator powered Slipstream Core
Max Sub-Light Speed: 30-50 PSL
Maximum FTL Acceleration/Range: 99 PSL, but this speed would kill everything inside the ship
Offensive Systems
Kenetic Projectile Weapons: Smart Bullets
Missle Systems: 40 Smart Missiles launchers
Particle Beam Weapons: AP Cannons

Point Defense Lasers

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nova Bombs
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Reactive Armour
Polymer Sheath
Countermeasures: Combat drones

6 Radiating Counter Measure generators

Basic Defense Systems: High tension armor
Ablative armor
Reactive armor
Special Defense Systems: Battle Blades
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): Fall of the Commonwealth
Affiliation/Alligences: Systems Commonwealth
Ships Navy/Fleet: High Guard
Ships Role/Purpose: Central Assault Ship

The Crimson Sunrise is the New Systems Commonwealths first Glorious Heritage class ship to be built. It was destroyed soon after by a rouge comet, although Nietzschean members of the crew were suspected at first.