Captain James Tyson is the Commanding Officer of the Athena's Wisdom and the Brother of Vice Admiral John Tyson.

Early LifeEdit

In CY: 9099 James Tyson was born on the planet Tarazed to a Mr. Jason Tyson and a Mrs. Julie Tyson he lived a healthly life, he got to meet Captain Hunt when he discovered the planet and they joined the Commonwealth.

High Guard Training/GraduationEdit

In CY: 2423 James entered the Academy to become an officer of the Commonwealth even though his mother was worried about her son but she supports him, there he met Jenna Shohashi even those she's a Nietzschean the two fell in love with each other and helped each other study for classes n practice how to fire a force lance n defend with it in staff mode. After their tests the two graduate with high honors.

Taking Command of the Athena's WisdomEdit

In CY: 2465 James took command of the Warship Athena's Wisdom, his first mission was to defend N'hailand from a Nietzschean Battle Group. Tyson was amazed that he was able to defeat the main battle fleet till a Larger Nietzschean Battle Fleet slipstream into the system, Tyson defended deck 45 with a squad of lancers with wires hanging from ceiling n the support beam was hanging as well. After the battle Tyson was awarded the Purple Heart medal.