Captain John Tyson is Captain of the Commonwealth Starship Andromeda Ascendant and is the brother of the Athena's Wisdoms captain James Tyson, and the son of Jason and Maria Tyson.

Early LifeEdit

In CY: 9099  John Tyson was born on the same planet as his brother James was born on and they had a great childhood the two got along great, at the Age of 19 John and his brother both met Dylan Hunt and the Crew of the Andromeda Ascendant he got to board the ship during its stay and meet Rommie and he looked over her systems during the visit and the two started liking each other and they stayed in contact with each other from time to time.

Commonwealth CareerEdit

In CY: 1023 with his Brother they both entered the academy into the Officer's division and they helped each other study and prepare for tests that will push them to their limits and then they passed the tests and then they went to a Commonwealth Drift for field training when the Drift was attacked by Pryians during the battle of Samssara, but they were saved by the Tweleve Centuries and a Commonwealth task force.

Commanding the Andromeda AscendantEdit

After the Battle of Tarazed Captain Hunt was promoted to the rank of Admiral and given command of the overall Commonwealth Fleet at times the Andromeda is his Command ship but he gave Command of the Andromeda to John Tyson.

Commonwealth-Nietzschean WarEdit

When his Brother was given Command of the Newly built Athenas Wisdom he was present during the installtion of the ship's AI system and also at the wedding of James and Jenna Shoshasi, then war broke out he led the fleet to support the Wisdom at Na'hailand and was successful in keeping the planet safe from them, and he led many battles against the Nietzscheans till the Kalderans entered the War and really gave the Commonwealth a beating.