Andromeda 14 by Hatvok

Athena Rising

The Athena's Wisdom (Registry Designation: Shining Path to Victory and defense AI model GRS 4253 Serial Number XSD-4896O369-S" Is the 13th Glorious Heritage Class Warship to be constructed by the New Systems Commonwealth, The main service of this new ship is when a Neitzschean Fleet attacked N'Hailand the Drago-Kazov was about to destroy the ship when the Andromeda Ascendant and the second battle group entered the system and the defense of N'Hailand was a bloody battle but the ship and crew made it through the fight.

Ship historyEdit

The Athena's Wisdom was built in orbit around Tarazed in CY: 1060, Captain John Tyson Brother of Captain James Tyson over saw the construction, due to words that the Drago-Kazov Pride has been attacking Commonwealth bases in different sectors of the Known Worlds. In CY: 1078 The AI was added into the ship's main computer core and with the help of her new Captain the AI was able to get use to her new surroundings and systems but there was no way she could get to know her systems cause the Dragans attacked the planet of N'Hailand and the Athena was the only ship that was Slip capable and close.

Defense of N'HailandEdit

After the Athena Slipped into the system she encountered a Nietzschean battle group and the ship held her own till reinforcements arrived and made it hard on the ship to defend the planet, Slipstream, and weapons off-line half of the crew either wounded or dead it looked like all hope was lost till the Commonwealth Fleet led by the Andromeda Ascendant entered the System to help the Athena defend the planet was able to drive the Dragans away from the planet.

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